Saturday, July 01, 2006

Why do only celebrities suffer from exhaustion?

The clubbing world suffered one celeb lands biggest excuses recently.

Dutch DJ Sander Kleinenberg has "exhaustion" and has cancelled all his gigs.

While noone wants to mock the health of any other person (famous or not), exhaustion is something that normal people just don’t get.

When did being tired become a legitimate reason to have a month’s holiday?

Especially when your job is playing other peoples records.

Being exhausted smacks of a cover up of something more sinister.

That said, we certainly hope that is not the case. Everyone at wishes Sander a speedy recovery. We are big fans of his production (especially The Fruit) and have had a great time going out clubbing and seeing him DJ.

And maybe when he is better he can work on his PR.

If you were Sander, how would you have spun it?