Monday, July 03, 2006

Something missing from Express DJs

If you are DJ you may have had the same email we had recently about a new service called Express DJs.

The idea is to save DJs time on sending in chart returns and reaction sheets. As I have a puny DJing career it doesn’t interest me, but pro DJs may well benefit.

I say "may well" because until you sign up there is no way of finding out if it works or how it works.

My experience could be the same as many looking into the service. The idea sounds good, possibly something we could plug on to our DJ membership.

So we read the email and click the link.

We get taken to the Express DJs landing page that tells me more about the service and asks me to part with my cash.

How can we trust that Express will do as they promise?

It’s here we want to be able to trust Express. It’s here we would benefit from testimonials, screenshots, a blog, a no obligation free trial and maybe access to a forum filled with DJs who already use the service and love it.

We could even review the service on Gurn in our clubbing features section.

Right now we just don’t care enough. It’s bad for sales and bad for PR.

The service sounds like a great idea though.

Maybe the folks at Highlight Media (for it is they who run it) want to get in touch with me to tell me more?

I’m sure the DJs would like to hear about it. Now over to you...