Friday, June 09, 2006

Why is selling a dirty word?


What does that word conjure up in your head?

Slick men in shiny suits? Objection Handling? Getting talked into something you dont want thanks to a smooth talking charlatan?

Bad selling has made selling a dirty word.

There is plenty of good selling going on every day too and that has been sullied by the bad image.

Ever got your mates to go clubbing when they didnt feel like it? Thats good selling.

Ever convinced yourself that you really, really need that new pair of trousers? Thats great selling.

Ever had someone listen to what you need then work with you to solve a problem?

Ever had a salesman tell you they cant do what you want, but they can tell you who does?

Thats amazing selling. In the way it should be done.

Thats the way we like to sell at Gurn too: making sales a good word, one customer at a time.

What good selling have you experienced? In clubland or outside?