Tuesday, June 20, 2006

A clubbing money making opportunity

Ask any promoter: There are plenty of ways to lose money in clubland. So when an untapped market comes along you should grab it with both hands.

What is this market?

It’s all about information, or more specifically, information delivery. It’s a format called RSS (which you may already know about).

It will work because clubbers are information junkies: Club listings, latest records, clubbing rumours, discussion and drug information is all sucked up as quickly as it is available.

At the moment this is done via email and forums. RSS is a better way of delivering the information.

How can you make money from it?

The idea is simple: Clubbers get the information they want, Promoters and record labels pay for access to clubbers.

It’s a system that works for email and forums already. It’s how Gurn.net and other similar clubbing websites make money.

Whoever can extend that service to RSS will make even more of a killing.

Who is going to get there first?

(Inspired by copyblogger - How to sell RSS)