Wednesday, June 07, 2006

6 reasons why flyers will never die

Internet club listings should have long overtaken the flyer as a way of advertising: It’s cheaper, easier to distribute widely and it can be changed in an instant.

So why has the flyer lasted?

It could be an ego thing:

Everyone likes to see their brands on TV or in print. It validates the products we make and market when Mom sees it in the paper. The Web doesn't offer the same kind of tangibility that other media offers. "I saw it on TV" holds more weight than "I read about it online."

If that’s true, it’s as true for clubbing as it is for perfume (apart from Mum seeing it perhaps).

Also, it’s just as important to remember the other reasons why flyers kick the internet into touch:

Steve Rubel thinks that as the web generation starts to become adults, other advertising will take a back seat.

They will. But the flyer is not going to die anytime soon, even with the MySpace kids.

What do you think?