Thursday, June 22, 2006

4 ways to make money from a festival (and still have a great time)

What more can you ask for? It was blinding sunshine all day and a 20,000 plus crowd at Escape into the Park Swansea. The perfect chance to have some fun and make some money.

It’s not a bad life, so how did we do it?

  • We chatted up the clubbers all day on the promise of a "fittest bird and hottest guys" competition. It was a popular idea and we got some great pictures. The idea being they see the pictures and text in to vote for their mates. The winner gets a huge prize.
  • We pushed a load of funkpills on the unsuspecting Swansea punters through our main sponsor stall. We road tested them ourselves and can give the seal of approval.
  • We self promoted through our outdoor stage – the infamous Gurn Bus.
  • Finally the festival paid us for some advertising before the event through emails and banner adverts.
All in all a potentially profitable day for us, but the real test will come if we see a spike in members signing up and using us to buy more funkpills and the like.

How do we do that? Keep producing great clubbing content. (and pictures of semi naked ladies).

It's days like this that I remember how good working in the clubbing industry is.