Monday, June 26, 2006

10 reasons superstar DJs should have a blog

Are you listening Judge Jules, Lee Burridge, Sasha or anyone else from bedroom to main room?

This is why you need a blog:

  1. Your life is dead exciting and people want to hear about it.
  2. There are no top DJs blogging.
  3. The term ‘online diary’ is sooo 1995.
  4. Clubbers love the internet and especially blogging.
  5. You can talk to your fans when they are sober (or not as the case may be).
  6. It’s 21st century branding.
  7. You can podcast on it.
  8. The kids can subscribe to you.
  9. You can show how obsessive you are if you post every day (All DJs are obsessive compulsives, right?)
  10. Writing posts give you something to do on the long flights (or if you are a prog DJ during a record).