Tuesday, May 16, 2006

What clubbing can learn from cleaning

To be more specific – what club promoters should avoid when designing flyers.

John Dodds tells us the tale of a badly designed flyer for a cleaning company:

...the company have turned off all the people who's worldview is skewed against marketing bullshit and yet has failed to expand on its hook for those who were enticed.
John is right. More so than ever, everyone’s bullshit radar is finely tuned. So while club flyers have traditionally been more about good design and information, they also need to sell as much as an advert for a cleaning company pushed through a letterbox.

So what is the lesson the clubbing industry can learn from cleaners?

Perhaps the answer is to leave it to the experts. Promoters may know how to promote but do they know design, or do they know how to write good marketing copy?

But that leads to more problems. Do you ask a designer or a copywriter to help you? Or do you fork out for both?

How many promoters can realistically do that?

The most effective method is to stop relying on flyers to spread the word. While they have an important place, there are plenty more targeted and permission based methods.

Including using blogging.