Monday, May 08, 2006

Organising yourself and Getting Things Done

Do you ever find the amount of "stuff" in your life getting out of control? Are you sometimes so overloaded with work that you become paralysed into doing nothing?

It's perhaps not a problem for many promoters, certainly not ones I have met, but if you do there is an answer that I have tried and works very well.

For example, ever since getting back from my holiday I have not been able to motivate myself properly and my list of things to-do just keeps piling up. (If I owe you an email… sorry.)

That just makes me even less motivated.

Recognise the symptoms?

Lucky for us both the answer is: Getting Things Done by David Allen.

It’s a system for dealing with things that need doing when it all goes a bit crazy. I have been using it for months to great effect.

Trouble is, even when you are highly organised, you still need to actually do the things: That’s where I have been struggling recently (and the apology for not getting back to you is the subtext of this post if you hadn’t already noticed).

But that’s because I have not been following the system closely enough. So, buy the book, read the blogs (start here) and get organised.

Lets face it, the clubbing industry could do with being better at that.