Wednesday, May 17, 2006

The manifesto for a new clubbing industry

Being different is good. In sales terms, it’s all about having USPs. In personal terms it’s about standing out from the crowd.

How hard is it to do?

In the world of clubbing and dance music it seems to be very hard indeed.

You could use record labels, DJs or club nights as an example but lets use clubbing websites as a case study (after all, I know most about that).

There is massive number of clubbing websites in the UK alone. Some are big, some are small. Without a doubt, all of them are completely interchangeable in terms of content.

Listings, photos, reviews, flyers via email and adverts via text message. It’s a stream of sameness (and often badly written sameness).

Not unique at all.

Clubbers love of clubbing means that poor quality is accepted. After all, they are getting the information about nights and music, even if there is a lot of ‘noise’ in the process.

This needs to end.

This list of demands is my thinking behind how we can do it. While it applies to the web, it can just as easily be transferred to other areas of clubbing and dance music.

The manifesto for a new clubbing industry

Respect - Not everyone into dance music is a crazy madcap clubber hell bent on drug taking. Clubbers will be respected whatever they are hell bent on.

Personalisation - Clubbers will get the content they want on their own terms. We can get the information we want, when we want it.

Privacy - Clubbers will only get information via email or text when they ask for it. All our lives are busy. Interruptions are not welcome.

Community - Clubbers will be able to interact with themselves freely and the people who run clubland directly.

Unique - Clubland is a unique and exciting place to be. The clubbing industry will be just as unique and exciting. In every aspect.

This can happen. We in the industry can make it happen because it will make us more money and be more fun along the way.

Will it happen?

If you work in the industry I’m interested in your comments, especially if you work in clubbing PR, for a record label or as a DJ. Get in touch or add a comment.