Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Is it worth advertising online?

Critics say that advertising online is a waste of time. Is this a valid argument? Does nobody click banner ads or read spam email?, a US technology site, have a nice (if horribly dry) report of the state of online advertising. It’s a positive report in general, but can we apply it to our little UK clubbing corner of the web?

Yes, with certain caveats.

The facts are that more traditional online adverts are becoming less relevant. Banner adverts and pop-ups are blocked, spam is bounced.

That doesn’t mean the medium is flawed. It means we have to get more creative when advertising online.

Building communities, reputation monitoring, creating a buzz and great content is the new online advertising. While banners and opted in email are a big part of that so are rss feeds, podcasts and blogs.

It’s why, at Gurn, we don’t like selling banners on their own, we like selling solutions that get results.

Are you embracing this? Do you still stick with traditional offline methods? Would you like to know more?

I’d love to hear your opinion.

Link via Andy Beal