Thursday, May 04, 2006

How to give people what they want

People don’t buy what they need. They buy what they want.

Not sure if you agree?
Coca-Cola sold 500 million cans of soda yesterday. I think a consumer can find a cold beverage somewhere if they really need to… Nobody's going to lose any sleep, no one's going to get dehydrated.

People only buy Coke because they want to and people will only buy records, club tickets or banner adverts because they want to. The rest is justification.

So how do we give people what they want?

It’s a pretty big question, one hopefully you will gradually get the answer to if you subscribe to this blog.

Until then, lets talk about one part of the equation:

Give people what they want by telling them stories

You have to have a great (6x great) product or service in the first place, but once you have that, start telling a story.

It’s part of how Coke sells billions of cans.

It’s a big part of how word of mouth works.

So get started with this guide to telling a great story from Seth Godin.

Then setup a clubbing blog to tell it and encourage your fans/regulars to do the same.

Just one little hint though. Don’t rely on MySpace to do it. Everyone’s already doing that. You want your story to stand out.

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