Tuesday, May 23, 2006

How to be a dance music professional

Have you ever wondered what it takes to be considered a professional?

You probably have. There are no training courses on how to be a professional in dance music. Which is odd considering the number of jobs and the amount of money involved in the industry.

After all, Professionalism is about more than just being paid.

How do you learn? Read on and you will find out the secrets.

What is a dance music professional?

You could be a small time club night promoter or a DJ, have a PR company with a massive list of clients, run a record label or clubbing website or just be desperate for an industry break anywhere.

It doesn’t matter what you do.

In fact, you don’t even need to be paid by the dance music industry to be a professional. There are plenty of DJs, promoters and clubbers who dip their toes in the pool of clubland without a pay packet.

Being a professional needs a combination of skills:
  • Competence – The basic knowledge and ability to do the job is an essential starting point. You can learn this over time.
  • Reputation – This is much harder than the ability to do the job. It’s the perception by others that you are the best. When someone mentions your field, you are one of the first names on their lips. It’s something that needs to be built, nurtured and defended at all costs.
  • Confidence – This skill is one of the most difficult to learn. Confidence comes with inner knowledge of your own unique skills. You also need to be able to show your confidence to others without becoming cocky.
  • Responsibility – It’s hard to get responsibility if you have never had it. But a bulging portfolio of people who rely on you for your skills is vital to the professional.
  • Respect by Peers – Others in the industry need to see you as both a well of resources and a threat. If you are not on the radar for both those reasons, you are not a professional.
  • Trustworthiness – Trust is difficult to get and easy to lose. When you have it you are all powerful, but if you don’t respect it you can kiss your professionalism goodbye.

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