Friday, May 19, 2006

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Club: Native North East Launch Party
Venue: The Cornerhouse, Middlesbrough
Date: Friday 26th May 2006
More Info:

The concept behind the night is to bring back the excitement people felt when they first started clubbing. The underground vibe that you got in the era just before the commercial peak of dance music phenomenon back in the day was half of the fun. The feeling of doing something different and belonging to something you could call your own. These feelings have been pretty much lost in recent times. That’s why Native is here: ensuring that the main ethos of the night is to bring back the party vibe & clubbing family environment that dance music was so synonymous with in its early days!

Room 1 - Cutting edge Tech-trance built up to ferocious Hard Dance
Room 2 – Uplifting, Tough House & Electro

Pic: Tylor Leigh.

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