Thursday, May 18, 2006

Blogs are better for music promotion than MySpace

MySpace should be a no-brainer to spreading the word in the music industry. It’s got squillions of users, most of which are music fans.

That’s why a great deal of clubs, dance music artists and promoters have a MySpace profile. It’s easy to setup and attracts a bunch of ‘friends’ that you can market to.

It’s a free mailing list isn’t it?

Jewel certainly treated it like that when she sent out a bulletin to her fans, including Mack Collier giving away some posters as a promo.

Mack wasn’t impressed. Here was the reply:

Instead of offering $2 posters(eight!), why not give away 100 copies of GOODBYE ALICE IN WONDERLAND to 100 bloggers? And as an added bonus, when those CDs arrive to those 100 bloggers, have them all be SIGNED and INSCRIBED to the person.

How much positive publicity to you think that move would get Jewel and GAIW in the blogosphere? A ton and a half.

How much positive publicity do you think giving away 8 $2 posters is going to get Jewel? Most if not ALL of the people that will go to the trouble to apply for the poster, already have Jewel in their Top 8 anyway.

Which move, giving away 100 signed copies of GAIW to 100 bloggers, or giving away 8 $2 posters on MySpace, is going to generate more publicity for Jewel and GAIW...and ultimately more sales of GAIW?

We both know which will cost more, giving away 100 CDs. It will also require Jewel to set aside 10 mins or so to sign them. But it, unlike giving away 8 posters, will lead to sales.

Isn't that the name of the marketing game here?

It is indeed. Blogs are better marketing tools than sites like MySpace because bloggers are more influential.

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