Wednesday, May 03, 2006

5 reasons books are great at promotion

Clubbing, dance music and literature. You wouldn’t put them together naturally (a few have tried with varied success).

Which is probably the reason you should consider a book as a marketing tool if you work in the clubbing industry.

It doesn't matter if you do PR, marketing, promote a big dance music label, a small night in Sheffield or are trying to become s superstar DJ. It’s not hard or expensive to self publish, and you are enough of an expert in your field to do it.

Jim Logan, a marketer who knows what works, thinks real, hard copy stuff is simply more convenient. Which is good enough reason in itself.

But if that wasn’t enough:

Love – You can hold a book in your hand and it feels special: More than a flyer or a lanyard. People will love a book. Like vinyl, a book is highly keepable and will be treasured. It’s turning your brand into a Lovemark.

Passion – What better way to show the world (and the people you want to sell stuff to) that you are so passionate about what you do that you can write a whole book about it?

Reputation – People who have written books on subjects are considered experts. Experts command respect. Other people will turn to you for advice. A book could even have your competition paying you as a consultant.

Uniqueness – Face it, even if all the above is a massive lie, who else in the clubbing industry has written a book? Answer: You and Ministry of Sound. Not a bad list to be on.

A word of warning though. Make sure what’s in the book is up to scratch. Content, after all, is always king.

Need a hand with the writing? Get in touch with me and I'll be happy to contribute.

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