Monday, April 10, 2006

What’s right with

I got some great feedback when I posted “What’s wrong with”. I promised I would reply properly.

While I am loathe to criticise someone’s thought out opinions, I’m doing it in the spirit of debate rather than a fight. After all, if is better then everyone is better of – clubbers, promoters, DJs and members.

Just to remind you, here are the original criticisms, and here is my reply:

Articles are iffy

As the main article writer, I would disagree with that wouldn’t I?

Admittedly we are focussing our attention on more, shorter, snappier, more opinionated articles. If that makes them iffy then I hold up my hands, but I would rather have a half a dozen shorter articles that generate a reaction than one that never gets read.

Not enough new photos in the gallery

Guilty as charged. I would like a couple of new galleries a week and we are not there yet.

We do get a lot of people asking to be photographers for us, but for some reason most don’t come though with the goods. I’m convinced it’s something we are doing to put people off, I just can’t work out what it is.

No automated press release uploading

Hands down: A terrible idea. While we do publish press releases verbatim sometimes, letting PR companies loose is just inviting unfliltered advertising of events. We make our money from advertising, so it’s bad.

The Gurn Bus is underused

Agreed again, although it does get out a few times a year. It was all a question of finding a market outside of the traditional festivals. We were terrible at that. We have secured a sponsor who wants us to do this too, so we be getting the bus out there.

Do you promote a night big enough to have the Gurn Bus there? We don’t charge for it.

The forums have not changed

The forums are the best and worst part of the site for me. They are always busy but always cause headaches for us in some way or another. They have got quieter recently while the main site has jumped in popularity. It’s debatable whether changing the forum layout will make much difference, but it’s worth a try.

We have agreed some changes and will be rolling them out slowly soon.

I'm also interested in getting links and infomation about building web based communities.

Users can’t upload pictures

They can, just not directly to the gallery. It’s something we need to change but it’s way down the priority list at the moment. Someone else has stolen our thunder on user uploading, so we need to find a way to make it better.

The site needs a new design

We are working on that but it’s not going to have another major overhaul anytime soon. It would take too long for too little return. The purple and orange colours and the aliens are here to stay. That is unless any web designer has a spare month and doesn’t mind doing a total redesign for free.

Also, take a look here for some more features that I like but are underused.

Gurn is a great site, and I love working here, but we still have work to do, which I am happy to admit. As usual, your comments are needed by us to help us improve. What do you think? Add acomment or drop me a line.

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