Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Sankeys Soap: Closing down or getting clever?

We announced yesterday that the Manchester club Sankeys Soap is set to close.

It’s a big headline, but is it a clever ploy to get a buzz going?

The club is being tight lipped at the moment, but when you read the press release between the lines they tell us it is closing, then say something special is happening the very next week.

Also, there is currently nothing on the Sankeys Soap website.

Sounds dodgy already. Is it causing a buzz?

Lets take a look online:

Suddi on UK Dance:

its not closing down... its closing down to be done up while thy expand it.. it will reopen with flash new interior after summer, rebadged.

So it is a buzz creation tool and not what it seems.

While they might not quite have created the buzz they were after, it certainly was a sneaky idea, and it fooled me enough to run with it without checking my sources.

Good work David Vincent. Next time maybe you can get the information out to bloggers as well as the bigger websites, it might have caused more of a stir.

Sidebar: Don’t you love the power of the web to launch and then kill a story in a matter of hours?

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