Thursday, April 13, 2006

Record Labels: How to make sure artists fail

Music, dance music included, is pretty pointless if it never gets heard. Artists won’t get many fans if they restrict the number of people who hear their music.

That’s why the actions of Island Def Jam are so bizzare.

Chartreuse tells us the tale of The Killers having their video removed from YouTube for copyright infringement. That is technically true, but it shows how spectacularly Island has missed the point.

I know the title is a bit dramatic, and I’m sure The Killers will have a long and successful career. I do feel sorry for acts without such a fan base to fall back on though.

An artist is getting out there with ZERO extra marketing from the label, and they decide its bad PR.

It’s amazing PR. It’s amazing for business. If even 1% of the YouTube Killers fans buy the record, that’s several hundred extra customers for the price of a smile.

And how many more people will they convert? YouTube fans are more likely to sell the band to their mates.

I deal with PR people on a daily basis, all trying to get stuff on They would be sick if this happened to them.

Island should be slipping MORE stuff into sites that are taking off like crazy. YouTube, Google Video, MySpace. We even have an unused media server at Gurn just waiting to host all kinds of cool stuff.

It certainly won’t be a Killers video.

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