Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Promoting for the inattentional blind

I noticed yesterday that we were running an advert on Gurn.net for a club event that happened on the 4th April.

And I run the adverts.

And I am on the site for several hours a day.

If that isn’t the best example of “inattentional blindness” I don’t know what is:

…as certain methods of web advertising become more common (banner ads, google ad bars on the right of the page, etc.), regular users develop “inattentional blindness”, seeing through the branding and focusing on the information, entertainment or tool they seek. This phenomenon becomes increasingly problematic as more and more advertising dollars are directed to the web.

Adam Eland explains how people are focussing more on content and less on adverts.

The solution?

Give people content, good content and they will engage. Throw them an advert and they will block it out.

That includes the clubbing people too.

(Link via chartreuse)

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