Sunday, March 05, 2006

What’s wrong with

Criticism is vital to growth. That’s why I literally punched the air when I got emailed a massive critique of yesterday.

I know it’s against the grain, but I’m putting the best bits up for you to decide whether it’s right or not.

It means someone cares enough to spend the time to point out our mistakes. So thank you!

I was a clubber and passionate user of long before I worked here. So I know what it’s like when you care so much you just have to let it all out. Even if it’s way uncool to say so.

So what is wrong with

I have deliberately not commented on these, even though I disagree with some. They are someone’s perception then they must be right to that person.

More importantly, do you agree? Do you have more to say? Get in touch, I want to know from your angle so I can make better for you.

If I get enough feedback I’ll post a reply.

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