Tuesday, March 21, 2006

What Fabric need to do

Fabric in London is a great club, and a very clever brand. They keep an "underground" feel while filling a massive club and selling lots of CDs. But they do't quite have their web promotion right.

Actually, that is a little harsh. They are better than most. The website is cool and functional. They do discounts on their CDs if you subscribe. Where they have missed a trick is their blog.

At the moment the blog is for press infomation and simple posts pictures/press releases. This might be a great resource for the media, but what a trick that has been missed!

Imagine if they used the blog to start a conversation with people in the press instead of just posting dry press information. They could build a community of like minded hacks based around their blog.

How much more press would they get if journalists are making it a habit to visit the Fabric blog?
How much better can they make the brand by doing the same thing for punters? There is a latent desire there. I know because Fabric is by far the most request club for reviews and pictures (and also the least likely to give press access).

Sure, it would be hard work. But it's cheaper than traditional advertising and more effective.

That's what Fabric need to do.