Sunday, March 19, 2006

Not all clubbers are equal

How many 'tribes' are there in clubland?

It's a question which is almost impossible to answer. things move fast and people, especially clubbing people, hate to be boxed off. One thing is certain though. Not all nights are for all people.

Promoters can utilise this knowledge to fill a club.

In dryer marketing terms it's called "knowing your niche" and it's the subject of this marketing article on Hard house nutters will not be found at a minimal techno night very often. The key factor that promoters can use is the 3 point process:

  1. Write out a profile of her "perfect customer", i.e., those most likely to be interested in buying her product. What other products do they buy? What do they do for a living? What's their income level? Are they male or female? Young, old or somewhere in between? What do they do for fun?

  2. What appeals to this person about your product or service? Now you can hone your message. What motivates this person? Health? Wealth? Beauty? Adventure? Relaxation? Now that you've narrowed it down, you can focus on a strong, simple message that appeals to this person.

  3. Where can you reach this person? What periodicals do they read? Where do they go for fun? Do they attend business networking events, and if so, which ones? Where do they hang out online? Or do they just surf, and if so, where?

How many promoters heed this advice and laser in on the type of clubber they want? How many rely on traditional methods like posters and flyers and hope that if they get enough out someone will notice?

Will targeting make the difference between a successful night and a failure? Maybe, maybe not. But finding a niche and sticking to it is cheaper, easier to control and more intuitive.

All clubbers are not equal, so why promote like they are?

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