Thursday, March 30, 2006

How your clubbing blog can make you money

As you may have noticed before, I'm all for blogging. I think it's a great way to build a community and make you stand out.

Blogging is a way of 'flipping the funnel' in the cutthroat clubbing industry sure, but it can also make you money.

There are many people who make money from blogging. In very simple terms, they do so because they have found an audience and they run adverts to that audience.

Clubs, record labels and promoters have a potential audience in their existing fan base. There is some cash to be made.

How do you do it?

There are plenty of pages on the net devoted to showing you how. Problogger is one of the best and I strongly recommend you delve into the archives there for a full picture.

I'm not going to steal his thunder, but here are the basics:

    • Have great content: This is the hard part. What you write on your blog need to be interesting and relevant or people will just stop coming. You won't have anyone to advertise to. Dry press releases or information alone is not enough. You need something new and interesting all the time.
    • Have relevant adverts: You can make money based on the number of people who click on ads and buy stuff. There are plenty of people who will help you run ads on your blog. Google Adsense and Amazon are good places to start. Just make sure what you advertise is relevant to your readers. If it's not they won't click and you won't make any money.
    • Ask for donations: Services like Paypal allow you to add a "donate" button to your blog. If you are giving people good quality content for free, plus they love what you do offline, many will put their hand in their virtual pocket for you.
    • Merchandise: Merchandising and music have always gone hand in hand. You can sell your own stuff if you are organised enough, or you can use a service like Cafepress to add your logo onto all kinds of crap.

    The real key though is to stick at it.

    It takes a long time to build a fan base in itself, and it's hard to win them over to become regulars on your blog. But if you build up a niche of a few hundred fans you have enough to start making a nice side income.

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