Thursday, March 02, 2006

How Back2basics are spreading the word

I was recently talking to Back2basics promoter Huw (they are starting a night in Cardiff). He had some great ideas for promoting a new night.

The best one was a clever twist on generating a buzz about the night through groups of clubbers.

Instead of selling tickets directly in the traditional manner, he is planning on selling tickets in bulk at a cut price directly to clubbers so they can sell them to their mates. The seller gets a kick back and the power of peer pressure will boost sales.

If your mate asked you to buy a ticket to an event all your other mates are going to you would find it hard to resist. I know I would.

Loving the flyer for the event too. It tells a story.

By the way, does this system remind you of any other informal distribution system in the clubbing world? One that has worked pretty effectively over the years.