Wednesday, March 29, 2006

The dillemma of sniffer dogs

If there were one symbol to represent the insanity of clubbing the sniffer dog would be it.

To fill legal requirements festivals bring them out every year to find some evil drug takers. It’s their job to catch out clubbers.

The signal is clear: Come and take drugs at our festival if you wish. Just don’t get caught.

Never was this juxtaposition brought home to me more than at Homelands one year. While walking in, we were first attacked by PR people offering free samples of iced tea, then funnelled into a single file so the sniffer dogs could check us.

Come in, come in, spend money, be a target demographic. YOU EVIL DRUG

It doesn’t really work as a marketing message does it?

But that is the dillemma. Dogs show the world that big festivals are law abiding. The culture of dance music is anything but law abiding and none of the big names want to mention it.

Does it mean that while dogs and drugs exist the industry will never be taken seriously? Maybe, but we can still be a serious industry even if we are not considered as one, just a very unique one.

And unique sells almost as well as drugs do.