Thursday, March 09, 2006

A day in the life of a clubbing website

It’s a big week in Gurn HQ this week. The boss is away and I’m in charge. So what a good opportunity to give you an outline of what we do day to day here.

Without further ado, here is a typical day in the life of (if anything can be called typical):

8:30am – I work from home, so I fire up the laptop and check my emails. Although there are about 50 that have come in overnight, most are adverts for club nights, spam or don’t need dealing with. I check my to do list for pressing stuff.

9:00amI notice there is a typo in a Circus review that has gone up last night so I correct the error and whip off a couple of emails to the chap who uploads the content.

Then it’s time for the first major project of the day, so with a nice big cuppa in hand I write up some marketing emails to go out to members and promoters.

We are trying to improve the the number of repeat visits to the site once people have joined and this project is the main part of that.

10:30am – I call some promoters interested in doing advertising on the site, then I draw up a quote for a mailshot.

After a quick IM chat with a couple of Gurn members (I’m always on MSN and Skype) I call Godskitchen about some Hi:Fi Festival arrangements.

11:00am – I start to go through our news feeds trying to pick out the juicy stuff and avoid the press releases for our news section. Not much going on today, but it still takes about 30 minutes to sift through it.

11:30am – I get some calls from more people interested in running some ads. 2 record labels this time, one a potential new customer – CR2 records, one existing. I quote some prices.

12:00pm – Frustratingly, my emails stop working. Luckily it’s only a temporary glitch and I have it sorted in a few minutes.

In the meantime I get an urgent call from the team of lawyers that is a bit of a headache. Everything stops while I sort out this pressing matter.

1:30pm – Grab a bite to eat with my little boy. The great (and bad) part of working from home is you get to see your family instantly if you want to, but it can effect productivity so I’m very strict on seeing him only at lunch and after 5. As you can imagine, he doesn’t agree!

2:00pm – Good news after lunch, Kinky Malinki confirm that they will be running an ad with us this week.

On the back of the success I clean out my email inbox (I only check it twice a day to avoid getting bogged down) and do some more work on our Hi:Fi Festival project.

3:00pm – Another payment comes in for a mailshot. I figure it’s time to setup the mail server to send our weekly newsletter and a dedicated mail out for a hard house night in Manchester.

Once that’s done I knock up the invoices for the days sales so far. I also deal with a few more emails related to new content. We have a couple of new writers in the pipeline that do great work. I’m hoping the will come on board so I’m schmoozing them.

4:30pm - I make a long call to Marc Vedo at Koolwaters about us working together on various things. Marc is a long time supporter of and does a lot of tour nights with us. He's also a top bloke and DJ.

I email Godskitchen for a Hi:Fi festival update and whip up a couple of thank you notes.

5:00pm – I log off to spend some time with the boy, go for a run and get some food.

8:30pm – I check my emails in front of the TV and answer whatever is left from the day. I also use this time for some boring admin work and updating the blog. I check the forums to see what’s happening. Finally I make a start on a couple of features I have been meaning to do.

11:00pm – I’m not a night person so I pack it in, have a quick mess about on a game on the PC and tuck myself up in bed.

I got about 6 work related "things" done today, which might not sound like much but I reckon that’s a pretty productive day, especially as I got to spend time with the family and get my fitness quota in.

See you tomorrow!

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