Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Why does clubbing need a Wow Factor?

Clubbing is a good time. People have a good time when they are impressed, so clubbing is all about impressing people. That’s why we, as an industry, needs to exceed clubbers expectations and make them say "wow".

It should be easy. Clubbers want to get excited. Does it happen at the moment?

A lot of the wow factor in clubland is built in. the excitement of going out, the choice of chemical enhancement and the love of the music make it memorable.

But every night and event has that. Promoters need to do more to stand out from the crowd. To paraphrase Ferry Corsten, people are getting bored of going to festivals, seeing the same DJs, dancing to the same music and going on the fairground rides.

It’s not just promoters. Record labels, DJs, flyer designers and everyone else in the industry need to remember that being involved in the clubbing industry is about making people say "wow".

Godskitchen lead the way in this. They are always looking to put on a spectacular show at Global Gathering. Now they have the Hifi festival, which is set to follow the trend for clubbers getting into live music.

We at Gurn are looking to add more sizzle to our festival appearances this year too. I’ll be posting more about how we add the wow factor.

Clubbing may have a built in coolness and impressiveness, but to really stand out we need to keep pushing things forward. We need to make things sizzle.

This is the first in the "Wow Factor" series of posts. To go to part two click here.

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