Wednesday, February 22, 2006

What do dance music labels want in an advertising package?

I’m looking for feedback from people who work at dance music labels. What sort of advertising floats your boat?

I have a hunch none of it involves utilising new web technologies, but feel free to correct me.

I want to develop a package that meets the needs of dance music labels so they feel confident using as an advertising tool.

With a view to that, I’d also love to know what dance music record label owners and managers think about advertising and marketing through blogging in particular.
  • Do you do it?
  • Do you like the idea but don’t trust it enough to invest your time and money?
  • Do you think the whole idea is daft?
  • Would you use a blogging service provider if the price was right?

Add your comments, or get in touch with me directly. My contact information is on the sidebar.

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