Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Promoting dance music online. Does it work?

I recently asked a few of our customers what their biggest question is about promoting online. The main response:
Does it work?
My answer is: depends how you do it.

Let me clarify. There is no way to ignore the scope of the web to promote anything to anyone. Whether you have a club night in Aberdeen, a record shop in Brixton or a massive global clubbing brand.

There are people online now searching for information about what you do. If you do what they want they will give you their money. There is no better medium to reach more of the right people for less marketing outlay.

  • Cheap. It allows small companies to compete with big ones.
  • Informative. Everyone is looking for something, they might be looking for what you have.
  • Respectful. People can take their time over their decisions. There are no moody shop assistants making you feel inadequate.
  • Interactive. The web is a two way thing. Instant feedback is a click or two away.

But you have to do it right.

If you don’t your voice will get lost in the billions of others that make up the web.

So yes, promoting online does work. Stay tuned this week and I’ll show you how.

This is part one of the "Promoting Online" series

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