Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Please complain, we love it!

We love comments, feedback and complaints. People who complain are people who care so I am always casting around for as much feedback as possible. To paraphrase Seth Godin; the more people are shouting about you the more people hear about you.

He calls it Flipping the Funnel and if you care about club or label promoting you should read his e-book.

Most people won't read it.

Even less people will act on it, but before long everyone will need to do it to remain relevant. Traditional marketing techniques are become less and less effective (ipods replacing radio for example) and tools like, Squidoo, Flickr and even Gurn are becoming the main sources of information and word of mouth advertising.

How do you tap this?

Over a few posts, I'll be taking the time to show you a few ways you can use these (and other) new methods to get your customers shouting about what you do. In return I will ask you to feedback to me in as many different methods you can think of.

Just to get you started here are a few ideas:
Comments and complaints are the best way to improve and show that people care. Using these techniques you can start to improve your exposure for nothing but time.

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