Monday, February 06, 2006

How to promote for free

Everyone is looking for something on the internet. There are lots of people looking for event information, insider tips, gossip and a million other things to do with what you promote.

If you are involved in the clubbing industry you might promote a club night, sell records, run a clubbing website or design flyers. You have expertise on the information that those people are looking for. But how do link to those people?

The answer is Squidoo

Squidoo webpages are called ‘lenses’ and they are designed to fill the gap between people who know stuff and people who want to find out stuff.

So instead of having to poke around the internet for information on, say, “clubbing and dance music” someone can go to Squidoo, search for it and find the lens that I set all about, you guessed it, clubbing and dance music

It’s a single reference point that’s easy to update and improves your reputation as an expert on the topic that you are an expert on.

Let’s take some examples. You are a club promoter and DJ who knows everything there is to know about the techno music scene in Glasgow. Setup a lens and share your knowledge with other as to where your night is and how good it is, which DJ kills it every time and which DJ empties the the dancefloor. What websites are good to find other techno fans and what CDs are the best to grab.

Or perhaps you do a small record label’s marketing. A lens can tell people things your traditional marketing can’t. What DJs are playing your stuff, what forums are best to talk about your releases, a list of where to buy your music and a tirade on the growth of illegal downloads.

Your customers, fans and supporters can subscribe to you lens to be sent updates as soon as you post them using RSS, they can share your links with others automatically using and they can even setup their own lenses to tell the world how great you are.

Talk about creating a word of mouth buzz!

Squidoo allows you to share you expertise and create a word of mouth buzz online. If you set up a lens send it to me. I want to see how good you can make them.