Monday, February 20, 2006

How to compete with someone better than you

Also know as: What to do when your arse is getting kicked.

The Church of the Customer blog has piece on a restaurant that learned to compete with someone better. It’s a lesson promoters (and label owners) can learn too.

So using their template here are my ideas:

Match your competitor's exceptional quality.

This can be hard. If you have a crummy venue there is not much you can do. It’s out of your control to a certain extent. However, you could turn a clean up into an event in itself.
You could rustle up some regulars, offer them free entry and access to your exclusive pre-party. Get them to clean, ply them with drinks. Watch them tell everyone who will listen that they help make the place a little better.

Allow your customers to customise.

How do you customise a club night? How about having the door person write down the favourite tracks of clubbers as they walk in. You could have in pre-arranged with your resident DJ to play a couple of the most popular ones.

Do something buzzworthy in the first few minutes.

The aim is to make people say ‘wow’. If you are lucky enough to have a queue forming, why not loan out coats to ladies with little on? Or just give out hot drinks?

Do something buzzworthy again within minutes.

Take their picture as they walk in. you could give them a massive picture frame to hold. Give them a card (maybe even a card) and tell them you will text or email them when the pictures are online.

Work harder to nurture customer relationships.

People go clubbing for all kinds of reasons. One of which is to feel a sense of belonging, of being part of a tribe. You can enhance this tribal feeling. Bouncers, promoters even moody DJ types have no excuse. Make it feel like a house party by making people feel welcome.

What about your own ideas? Are you a promoter who does something special? Maybe you are a clubber who has seen something special when they are out and about. Add your experiences to the comments box.

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