Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Digital DJ licences exist for profit, not fairness

All DJs are rich superstars right? There are no spinners that do it part time for a few quid on the side. Nobody does it because they love music and want to spread it to a captive audience do they?

That’s why the MCPS have had to stamp down on the super rich DJs who are breaking the law by copying the music they have already paid for onto CD or MP3. That’s why digital DJs now must pay for an additional licence.

Not "instead of" but "additional".

All because the MCPS want to make some money out of the right to copy works that have already been paid for.

They try and justify it in this document (pdf).

But wait a second. That can’t be right. I have played out with MP3s that I have legally downloaded and encoded from CD. I’m not super rich. I’m not ripping off any artists, I’m advertising the music for the artists and labels for nothing.

I’m going out of my way to make sure I pay for music that I could, just as simply, download for nothing.

Cheers MCPS your service sucks, and your customers think you service sucks.

Why should DJs cough up when they making the effort to be legal and not charging anyone for advertising the music? Why should DJs be penalised for choosing one format over another?

I’m sure the MCPS would disagree, but it smacks of profiteering at the people who can least afford it.

Email MCPS with your license complaints: