Friday, February 10, 2006

Dance music isn't proper music

That viewpoint still rings true for much of the music industry. The traditional press give dance music little regard.

A lot of genres (hardcore for example) are almost totally ignored despite enormous popularity. It’s an emotive topic. Talking about music always is because everyone has an opinion, yet no one can be right.

Value is assigned to something that has no intrinsic value of its own. You can assign value to music in another way though – the size of the industry around it. Dance music has a huge, fragmented industry; Clubbing websites, magazines, events, public relations, design, nightclubs and studios. Many of which would not exist without the kids putting a few quid aside for a night out clubbing at the weekend.

How can you define music in a tangible way otherwise?

Whether you are impressed by the tunes themselves or not, it’s for this reason that dance music is proper music.