Monday, February 13, 2006

7 reasons you need a clubbing blog today

I have been asked to explain the benefits of blogging to the clubbing industry. My boss: Meza has heard of blogging but doesn't know the benefits. If I can sell blogging to him, I can sell it to everyone else in the same position in the industry. Here is my pitch.

Blogging will revolutionise the way the clubbing industry reaches its customers and potential customers. Before long everyone will have a blog just as everyone has a website now.

At the moment the field is wide open. Nobody in clubland blogs.

The clubbing organisations that get into blogging first will take the lead. They will have a distinct competitive advantage. Now is the time.

Why is blogging so important to the clubbing industry?

Blogging used to be the domain of supergeeks and teenage girls. All that has changed. Chairman of multinationals, marketers, small business owners and, heck, REAL PEOPLE are starting to realise the benefits. What are they?

  1. Recognised Expertise. Everyone is an expert in something. Blogging allows you to share your or your companies expertise. Customers will find your knowledge online and be attracted to you. Attraction is easier (and cheaper) than hunting.
  2. Word of Mouth Marketing. Imagine how fast an honest, informative blog post through clubbers desperate for knowledge and gossip would spread. It may be from the MD of big clubbing brand about a mistake they made and how they plan to correct it. You can harness this never-ending thirst for knowledge to spread your brand. You can flip the funnel.
  3. Speed. The ease of posting to blogs mean you can instantly react to, say, negative PR and get your customers reactions almost instantly back. You can post an idea for a new night or a spin off label and your customers will be right there to react to it.
  4. Forum Ass Kicking. They are easier to use, read and comment on. They have more compelling content. They are open to all but don’t require the same level of moderation. People can’t subscribe to forum updates very easily.
  5. Search Engines. A blog filled with relevant, honest and informative information will get links. Links improve search engine results. People can find you easier than the competition.
  6. Cost and Time. Blogs are cheap to set up. They are easy to maintain even for the most technophobic. They give control to the people who most need it rather than those who are most technical (It’s rarely the same people). Anyone can blog.
  7. A Human Face. Blogging shows your customers you care. It shows your customers you are a human being not a faceless company. You customers can see their feedback making a difference because you blog about it. It might not change your company, but it makes it seem more human. Because it is.

It’s only a matter of time before the features of blogging ensure it becomes a communication standard on the web. It already is in some industries. You can follow or you can lead. Which do you want to do?

If you would like more information on clubbing blogs then drop me a line. I can help you setup and maintain a high quality blog.

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