Thursday, February 02, 2006

5 reasons why clubbing websites are rubbish

There is a distinct lack of high quality content on clubbing websites. That’s not to dis the competition. is included the general malaise.

If I see another interview with an ‘up and coming’ hard house DJ from London I think I will scream. I’m sure all these guys are excellent DJs and really deserve the exposure but nobody will read it except them and their mums. We know. We have plenty of them in our archive.

Here are the 5 biggest mistakes we make:

  1. Using press releases as news. Even the best press release does not make good news articles.
  2. Using content as free adverts. For example interviewing a DJ and asking him: "You are playing at Club Great next week, are you looking forward to it?" Who wants to read an advert?
  3. Not writing for readers. If people don’t find it interesting they won’t read it.
  4. Writing like a magazine article. There is a difference between the way people read web pages and the way they read magazines.
  5. Relying on forum posts. Forums are great, but generally they don’t make for good content. By all means have and use forums (we have one of the busier ones) but know their limitations.

Let the campaign for binning rubbish clubbing content start here. The importance of good content has been lost in the rush for members, traffic and forum posts. Let’s correct our mistakes.

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