Friday, February 10, 2006

4 pitfalls of the Wow Factor

There is a fine line between “wow” and “what the?”

We already know how important the Wow Factor is when it comes to clubbing. Dance music history is littered with the legacy of people who got the Wow Factor wrong. What are the pitfalls?

  1. Being out of touch. Think your dad on the dancefloor. He might make you say wow, but not in a good way. If you get it wrong you lose the essential sizzle. You need to be on the pulse. How? Stay tuned by subscribing and I’ll tell you.
  2. Sticking to a formula. People love the familiar. People love to be surprised by the familiar even more. Pete Tong is about as familiar as you get in clubbing. His show has been on Radio 1 at 6pm forever. Even he is cutting edges by getting ahead in podcasting. Once you have wowed them tear up the plan.
  3. ArroganceThere is a lot of ego in clubland. Compare Gatecrasher and Godskitchen in the early noughties. Gods worked hard to give the kids what they wanted; Crasher couldn’t even do what they promised. Remember that nobody owes you a living.
  4. Getting sucked in by price. Doing a good job wowing people is expensive. You could say that you can’t afford it. Price is not important. Nobody buys on price; they buy because the benefit outweighs the cost. Make sure your benefits outweigh your costs by far. Remember, wowing people doesn’t have to cost the earth and it will reap results.
Just trying to wow people isn’t enough. To avoid failing you need to know the pitfalls and strive to avoid them as hard as you try to add the Wow Factor.

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