Friday, January 20, 2006

Promoting to club promoters

I have been pondering over original ways to grab the attention of our club promoter customers. Most promoters only bother with free listings which is great for us because we get traffic looking at our adverts. But, as you might expect, promoters don't get much for nothing.

There is a lot better service available if promoters spend some money. I want our customers to be successful because if their events are jammed with clubbers then we get more clubbing people using the site and bigger amounts spent on advertising, so I send out an email every week with an offer or feature I think might be interesting. I really try to avoid it being spam. I want to add value and build relationships, not annoy.

This week it's an offer that should cost promoters nothing and get the name spread a bit wider and into clubbers minds who would not traditionally think to visit us. A sort of clubbing version of viral marketing in the way that is talked about in The Tipping Point. I have called it the Gurn Back Scratch.

I also put a link to this blog at the bottom of the email, so I'm interested in feedback if you are looking at this via that email. Is the offer what you want or should I be barking up another tree?

Oh yes, and if you came here from the email and you want to unsubscribe then my contact info is on the right as well as on the email. The last thing I want to do is wind people up with information they are not interested in.

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