Tuesday, January 17, 2006

New staff, guestlists and account management

We are expanding the workforce here again. Very shortly we will have someone to upload new club content to the site on a daily basis. This will free me up to do the actual content creation and look after our team of contributors a bit more closely.

We are always looking for contributors and there are certain benefits (even if pay is not one of them). I got this job by working my way up from an unpaid photographer. Plus more directly, you can get onto club guest lists and get in free with ease. Everyone wins; we get pictures, clubbers go clubbing for free and nights get free publicity.

It will also allow me to concentrate more on sales and account management. We have good relationships with big events like Cream and Godskitchen and I want to expand that into other promoters and other areas that might like exposure to our readers (like record labels). To do this we need to play to our big advantages:
  • We have a well established and strong brand
  • We are experienced in big offline stuff like the Gurn Bus
  • Our content is original, respected and strongly written
  • We have a sales manager (me) who wants to creatively manage accounts and develop brands.
I’m interested in what promoters might think about this. I know there is loads of clubbing websites about, and not much difference between them. Do these advantages get promoters excited?

We are planning in the near future to talk to our bigger customers about this directly. That said, I want as much input as possible. Do you promote a night or work in the industry? What do you think about using websites in this way? How does Gurn.net fit in to your opinions?
I know it goes against the general grain, but I actually want to hear your constructive criticisms.

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