Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Lessons from a sales campaign

Our Christmas sales campaign is over and it was a mixed bag. We did get some good responses so we could all enjoy are festive puddings and NYE clubbing. On the downside we still seem cuaght between two markets. Not quite high quality enough for the big stuff and not mass market enough for the small events.

I have mentioned before that the middle ground is the most dangerous. So what did we learn from the campaign to take into the next one?
  • It's time to start improving both the quality and frequency of content. It's good for SEO, good for our members and positions us as a quality product to our advertisers.
  • We need to build more long term relationships with customers. Simple sales/service techniques like staying in touch with potential and current clients are priceless. Especially in a market as crowded as clubbing websites
  • Take our eggs out of one basket. We have started to offer downloads which is a great start, but we need to look at areas where we can get more revenue such as memberships, business to business services, streaming content, products and even Adsense.
Sales is the hardest part of this job, but I think we are starting to get a handle on it at last. Of course, all tips are gratefully accepted in the comments box or via email.

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