Thursday, January 12, 2006

How to run a festival stage

We are lucky enough to have good ties with all the big dance music festivals. Clubbers at Creamfields, Godskitchen, Gatcrasher and Escape have all had the Gurn experience at their events. It’s great profile for the site and people love our concept. Here are a few things we stick to when organising our stage:

  1. Have a really good Events Manager. We are lucky to have Nobby, a guy bubbling with ideas and enthusiasm but not prepared to put up with crap. Without a strong leader chaos soon descends.
  2. Location, Location, Location. Phil and Kirsty were right about it. It can make a huge difference to the number of clubbers stopping to listen and getting their groove on. Get there early and find the person who makes the decisions before the various hot dog sellers and ice cream vans pinch the best spots.
  3. Play the right music. We play dance classics which is the perfect sound for an outdoor stage. Find your niché and claim it.
  4. Work very, very, very hard. Making a stage work is not for liggers and hangers on. DJs need drinks, mixers need to be moved around between sets, you need to stop blaggers trying to get backstage, the list goes on. I walked/jogged miles carrying stuff about and stood about for ages handing out cards and taking pictures. There may be time to catch a set or two, but probably not. Who says we are in it for the fun?
  5. Don’t expect to make any money. We do it as part of our marketing plan. The costs are high and nobody is prepared to pay huge sums to have us on-site. It’s done for love of dance music and it’s done to get new members. You won’t get rich putting on a stage.

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