Saturday, January 28, 2006

Does anyone else in clubbing have a blog?

Blogging is big in the technology world. Every programmer, consultant and big company seems to have a blog. But where are the clubbing industry weblogs?

I guess the trend has not really caught on. Does that make me a trend setter in the industry? Maybe, but only if others take on the idea of blogging as a way of communicating with both the industry and the clubbers themselves. I beleive it can create new, easy ways of creating conversations. It would be great to see blogs and podcasts from people working for places like Ministry of Sound, Cream, Godskitchen, Gatecrasher or Mean Fiddler. Is there anyone else out there doing it?

I know 99th Floor Elevators have a blog which keeps people up to date with their releases. Twist has an interesting idea on their blog of making it a newsletter. What else?

There are a few DJ diaries knocking about which could be classed as a blog with another name. Good as they are, they are limited. Blogs are not just clubbing diaries, they are information points, news sources and places to discuss topics of interest. DJ diaries certainly don’t allow the building blocks of blog conversations – comments and trackbacks. It’s not enough for me.

So I’m sending out a cry to the ‘blogosphere’ as it is painfully called. Do you work in clubbing and have a blog? Do you want to start one but don’t know how? Do you think the whole blogging thing is a pointless exercise?

Let me know.

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