Friday, January 06, 2006

The art of giving stuff away

I learned this week that you can give something away to get even more back.

Every week I send out a short email to our list of club promoters. It usually advertises something like our banner services, or the fact we host back rooms like this Sundissential one at Gatecrasher One (where I played one of my 4 ever DJ gigs). This time I mentioned in passing that we are looking for galleries, and uploading them is free.

Usually I get one or maybe two replies, but this time I was flooded with offers of content. As my job has the dual aim of making sales and getting extra content I realised that this is a great way of doing both.
  • The club night gets to put up their gallery for free so we get loads of quality content
  • I have a regular contact with the clubbing promoters.
  • Regular contact will lead to a certain percentage of extra sales.
Lucky for me I had prepared a guide to uploading galleries to email out to people. So I would like to extend the offer to promoters and clubbers again. You can put your pictures up on Gurn. If you drop me a line I can send you the instructions.

Eventually I'll put the guide online as part of my forthcoming "blag your way into clubs" series. Which also reminds me that I have set up a Squidoo Lens that fills the gap between this blog and Gurn itself.

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