Sunday, January 08, 2006

5 steps to getting dance music for free (legally)

Now I know the world loves free stuff (who would have guessed?) I have decided to start an occassional series outlining the ways that clubbers and promoters alike can blag themselves things using the power of Gurn. Part one is how to get free dance music legally.
  1. Listen to some of your CDs/vinyl (doesn't matter how old) and make a few notes on what you think about them. More specifically, think of ways to describe the sound and how the music fits into the scene in a more general way.
  2. Fill in the Tune Review section on
  3. Add a Top 10 to show the world what you are digging at the moment.
  4. Contribute to the community via the comments section and Tunespotters forum.
  5. Get in touch with me via any method you prefer - email is david [at] gurn dot net, Private Message, Call the office or even carrier pidgeon. If you have taken the first 4 steps I will make sure free music starts arriving by making the labels know you are a trusted music reviewer.
Yes, I admit it's a bit of work, but it's hardly a great effort considering all the free music you will get as a result. You know all your clubbing mates will be well jealous. We do need you. We only have one reviewer (who is doing a sterling job) but we don't have nearly enough reviews for my liking. This way everyone wins. Labels get publicity, we get content, you get the music upfront.

Stay tuned for my next part - getting into clubs for free.

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