Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What do people want in a clubbing website?

"What do people want in a clubbing website" is my big (existential) question of the moment. Our readers/members are the people who make the site the interesting and excting place to be. We need to be constantly coming up with ideas to keep them interested and coming back for more.

Lucky for me, a lot of content almost creates itself. Clubs are happy to give free entry to clubbers who promise to put pictures up on a high profile website, so our clubbing gallery and review sections look good. I like writing features so there will be plenty of those in the pipeline and the forums have always been busy.

My question remains though, what do clubbers want and how can we attract/keep members?

My Underused Featurelist
My Wishlist
  • Our streaming mix service is currently offline while we deal with legal stuff. It's a popular section and members are losing out while it is out of action. Getting it overhauled is a big priority for me.
  • A way for members to upload galleries, reviews and features without us having to do it for them.
  • A centralised comments section, a bit like the forums. At the moment comments are all over the place with no central point to check everyones comments
  • Move this blog to main gurn site and get more staff posting on it.
  • More people contributing to the site. I'm hoping that will come if we get the other bits right.
In the end though, this is just my view on where things should be going. I welcome comments from clubbers and promoters alike about this. What do you want from a site like Gurn?

More serious features?
More interactive stuff?
Easier to use?
Free pies?

Let me know via comments, email or private message (apart from the pies bit, I can't do that).

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