Saturday, December 24, 2005

Here is the news

I got my first pay packet from Ltd today and it still feels slightly weird to get paid to do this kind of thing. I'm still loving it, especially as things are on the up for both sales and content.

The real test is going to be the next few months where we have to start turning the ground work into significantly improved results. For me that means building relationships with people in the industry so we can nail the twin requirements of getting really good quality content and more sales. We are full of big ideas to make this happen. Once we have things up and running I'll make sure you are the first to know.

One thing I'm putting the finishing touches on now is a vastly improved news section. It has always seemed crazy to me that there is no single, reliable source of clubbing news on the net. There are a few places around that offer good content but nothing I would consider serious news. We started posting content (with very kind permission) from Dancefrontdoor which is by far the best news site, but they don't research it themselves and rely on news to be posted. That means PR people use it as a free advert, so it loses its edge as a serious reporting source. We are going to fill that gap.

We already have the section in place, and have had for a while. What we have not done is tracked stories on topics that are interesting to clubbers and kept them up to date. We don't have the budget for a full time news desk, but I have found a way to automate the search for stories. All I have to do is check daily for interesting ones and write them up.

It should be a dead quick and easy way to get new and search engine friendly content on the site for a very little amount of work. If it's not, I'll give you the rundown.

If you have an interesting news story you want me to look at you can submit it to us. What we don't want is thinly veiled press releases!

Oh yes, Merry Christmas.

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