Saturday, November 26, 2005 That's hard house isn't it?

"Gurn? That's hard house isn't it?" is a phrase I often here when chatting to promoters about the site. I don't know whether this image is a good or bad one to cultivate.

Gurn certainly is not all about hard house. There is a significant element of it on the site and historically we have been more focused on those type of events. That seems to me to be a pretty good niche to operate in and we could be successful focussing on this.

On the other hand, our most vocal members tastes have certainly shifted more towards house and breaks. Trance remains our most popular genre, but there is a big group into other music. The forum arguments over Trance vs. Hard House or Prog being boring are many and long. On top of this, Gurn has always been a community that is as much about it's diversity of musical opinion as it is everyone loving it hard.

Recently we seem to have lost that feel a little so we are flitting between being a hard house site and a general clubbing site without actually being either. When things quieten down in January it may be time to take an executive decision about the place we want Gurn to be. I'm desperate to avoid corporate speak, but I think words like 'mission statement' and 'strategic planning' are going to be hard to avoid. After all, Gurn is a business as well as a community of clubbers. We have to at least think about these things.

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