Sunday, November 20, 2005

Giz a job?

We get a lot of emails at Gurn towers asking for a job of some sort or another. It's hardly a surprise that people are keen to get a slice of life in the clubbing industry. It's a cool job after all, and plenty of people make a living from it, so when you see a large sign on a website emploring you to Work For Us it's no wonder people drop us a line.

It made me think that there might be some folks interested in the day to day life of a company in the business of dance music. Hence this blog has been born at the same time as I take on a paid position at top dance music site Hopefully it will be crammed with funny stories, advice and frustrations all associated with working in this strange and constantly changing industry. What's the worst that could happen?

For the record, I'm David (David25 on the site) and I'm officially the Sales & Operations Manager. I develop content (pictures and words basically) and convince people to buy advertising at very reasonable rates. My boss is the genial Meza.

Comments on here, the site and the forums are always welcome. Feel free to email me (unless you want to spam me adverts for Viagra). My first name at gurn dot net should find me just fine.